I am a registered nurse working in aged care. Since June 2004 I have worked for an organisation that has used bullying tactics from the highest level of management. This bullying has allowed residents to be bullied and their rights ignored...

When I would question medication orders that were not clinically indicated, were 4 times more than the normal starting dose, or in some other way advocate for the residents in my care I was bullied, discriminated, and harrased. I was even told that it was not my role to be an advocate for residents by a senior service manager in front of my manager.

Despite my taking this to the CEO and following whistle blower policy, I have not been told that it is my role to be an advocate.  I resigned this week after being off work from this organisation for 10 months. I continually said that the only suitable duties that I required was that I be treated fairly. The responses I got was either silence, how do we do this? When I suggested "by following policies", I was told "no" that was still no guarantee.

I only bring this to your attention to improve aged care services. I have nothing to gain. In fact, I would be far better off to just leave aged care and return to the disability sector where rights are respected more.

Unless there is a huge paradigm shift in aged care services and their delivery I will certainly take the option of voluntary euthanasia when my time comes to need residential aged care. To end one's last days at the mercy of some of the current staff in aged care would be a living hell.

Posted on  Saturday, 21 February 2015
by  Nicky
I have worked in the aged care sector for many decades in roles ranging from EN to FM. I now would never recommend it as a career to any person enquiring at any level. I would go as far as to say that if you love old people (as I absolutely do) then it will be a particularly distressing context for you. Bullying is rife at all levels and there is a real maintain the status quo mentality. Some of the older nurses were trained in the days where humiliation and degradation were key mechanisms for control and 'training' (can you believe) and they bring these approaches to all levels of what they do. Some of them are now aged care executives. I truly am sorry I didn't chose an alternative industry as the rotten behavior I have been exposed to, and seen my residents exposed to, disappoints me greatly. I hope I die before I get into aged care but if I have my wits about me I shall have all of my teeth taken out first as I know what gets dropped off first in the race against time.
Posted on  Saturday, 24 November 2012
by  Tracey
I too have worked for many years in aged care and seen so many countless problems. Lack of trained staff, no ratios, abuse of residents and staff by management especially the so called religious organisations. I have reported many things and have had to kiss my job goodbye as you are labelled a troublemaker. To my knowledge no one reports anything anymore because you lose your job. I will personally euthanase myself when I get too old to look after myself.

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