Thank you Linda Sparrow for speaking so very well on behalf of the residents and staff of nursing homes. I work as a registered nurse at weekends (I teach ethics at a University during the week) at a nursing home, this is my seventeenth year in the job. The facility has over 50 high care and approximately 40 low care beds; 15 of the high care beds are for dementia patients. At weekends we have two registered nurses and one enrolled nurse for these 100 residents.


Now the registered nurses have received an email from the management stating that "the budget allocation will only allow the employment of one registered nurse per shift". At weekends the registered nurse in charge must also answer any phone enquiries as there is no office staff on the premises, as well as attend to any problems of maintenance and rostering problems if any staff member calls in sick. Obviously no changes to the current rostering will be made until after the accreditation visit next week.

Thank you Linda Sparrow once again, your comments were a very positive contrast to the evasive answers by the minister, Justine Elliott, who obviously has no idea at all about the everyday realities of aged care. Best wishes for your very important work.


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