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Just like this page, aged care is broken. It is costing a lot of money and not providing the sort of care that it claims it will provide.

It is not that those who are providing care are not trying hard or that all care is bad. It is that it is obviously failing far too often. Too often those responsible for running the system and providing the care do not realise this.

The pressures in the system are towards cost cutting and profit and too often this is at the expense of care. Good care is occurring in spite of the system and not because of it. We need a system where good care is provided because of the system and not in spite of it - where care is the best that can be provided with the resources available.

We want to create a culture that makes lives worth living and working in nursing homes across Australia.

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Aged care quick fact check: Many people who contact Aged Care Crisis are shocked to learn that there are no federally mandated staff ratios or skills in Australian aged care homes.  Increasingly, patients in aged care requiring expert medical and experienced nursing care are now relying on less trained and skilled staff than ever before.  Managers under pressure to meet their profit targets do so by reducing costs - usually staff - placing vulnerable people at risk.

Nurses and carers frequently report they are unable to care for residents properly, given the conditions and time restraints imposed on them. Incredibly, we have found that in some cases, there are no staff rostered on at all for significant periods of time.

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