Australia’s aged care residents are very sick, yet the government doesn’t… 2

20 Dec, 2017
Jane Phillips, University of Technology Sydney; David Currow, University of Technology…

Seven steps to help you choose the right home care provider

01 Mar, 2017
Older people needing extra help to live at home, whether that’s help with bathing,…

What people with dementia want from residential care homes 2

06 Jul, 2016
Kate Swaffer explains what people with dementia want from residential care, based on her…

Aged care consumer reviews

25 Mar, 2016
Getting the community's views and how to use them Please note: This is a resource web…

Your Say

How we can ensure the Oakden report is a watershed moment for the aged care industry 1

“Oakden: A shameful chapter in South Australia’s history”It has again emerged that…

Dear Santa 1

Dear Santa,Mum has asked me to write to you this Christmas. As you know from her past…

I'm sorry 'Mary' I could not help you 1

This is in memory of "Mary". I am sorry I could not do much to help you. You and your…

Aged care - the sales pitch

The following piece was written by an aged care worker with nursing home experience in…

The Village. (Don't mess with old people)

21 Feb, 2016
This is a story about a 'David and Goliath' battle between a group of elderly people…

The Oleander Project 3

09 Nov, 2015
The following article was written by a person with a loved one in a nursing home. It…

Legal Issues Column

complainer or consumer claimer?
Legal Issues Column Rodney Lewis 31 Jan, 2013

An alternative to the resolution of aged care disputes 2

Although significant resources are devoted to dealing with complaints by residents and their families and representatives under the aged care system in Australia, it is undeniable that very many of those complaints, even though a minority, are unable to be…

Why don't we just live in your house, son?

21 Apr, 2010 Rodney Lewis
Legal - granny flat cases
A short review of some 'granny flat' cases. In each of the real examples that follow it…

Can I please see Mum's file and records? 1

28 Sep, 2009 Rodney Lewis
nursing home records
Simple question needing a simple answer, yes? Well, actually no. At least, not when it…

Residential care agreements: tips and tricks 1

26 Aug, 2009 Rodney Lewis
Residential care agreements - don't just say yes!
Here are some ideas which should be considered before signing the contract which you must…

The Column

Resident Committees
The Column Aged Care Crisis 29 Jan, 2018

Resident Committees 2

Just the other day a friend drew my attention to the comment below. It is dated January 2018 and is a response to an article in Australian Ageing Agenda (written in November 2015) re one of the many reviews into aged care. It refers to the need for higher…

No mandated staff/resident ratios, no transparency, no research 1

10 Jun, 2015 Aged Care Crisis
No mandated staff/resident ratios, no transparency, no research
People are usually stunned to learn that there are no set staff/resident ratios in aged-care homes. They simply assume that frail older people in care will be treated like other…

All residents of aged-care homes need protection

30 May, 2015 Aged Care Crisis
Imagine waking from deep sleep to see a stranger’s face staring right down at you
Imagine waking from deep sleep to see a stranger’s face staring right down at you. Then imagine that someone enters your private space many times a week and that you are 96 years…

Dreading aged care 1

10 Apr, 2015 The Columnist
Dreading aged care
Last week the federal government finally got around to announcing its long-promised, aged-care reform agenda. Yet the stunning thing about the announcement was not the package…