Aged Care Crisis Inc. (ACC) are an independent volunteer consumer-based advocacy group who provide a consumer voice for aged care residents' and their loved ones.

  • We do not receive any funding
  • We are not affiliated with any government, industry or religious body
  • We are completely independent provides a voice for elderly and frail citizens in Australia. Our motto is to "be heard" - which underpins all that we do.

Aged Care Crisis has been a place where residents and staff can express their concerns about care.  We have advocated on their behalf, made submissions to inquiries and given interviews to the media. Those who have experienced the system first hand have found a system beyond broken.

Aged care is broken. It is not that those who are providing care are not trying hard, or that all care is bad. It is that it is obviously failing far too often. Pressures in the system are towards cost cutting and profit - and too often this is at the expense of care. Good care is occurring in spite of the system - and not because of it.

We need a system where good care is provided because of the system and not in spite of it - where care is the best that can be provided with the resources available.

We want to create a culture that makes lives worth living and working in nursing homes across Australia.

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We share Richard Baldwin's view (link below) that aged care policy is proceeding in the wrong direction, and that wide public discussion into what needs to be done is urgently needed.  We are attempting to initiate that through our Solving Aged Care section on the website and will work with others doing so.

Aged Care Crisis wants to get people debating and critically examining aged care.  One of our team members, Dr Michael Wynne, is initiating this by setting out his ideas. He wants others to criticise them and pull them to bits so exposing any flaws so that we can work towards something we all want and which will work.  We want people from all sectors of society to come up with their assessment of why things are failing and their ideas about how we can do better.

For the last 17 years, those who have been aware that the system is failing have been complaining - and then expecting someone else to do something about it. That has not worked.

In our view, it is time for society to re-engage with aged care, to take charge of the agenda and create a system that works. It's time for us to start publicly debating about what is wrong, deciding what we want done and then insisting that it gets done.

We are inviting you to contribute and debate aged care - not by complaining, but by coming up with solutions.  Each contribution will be publicly available and comment on it will be encouraged.

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