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Aged Care Crisis wants to get people debating and critically examining aged care.  Dr Michael Wynne is initiating this by setting out his ideas. He wants others to criticise them and pull them to bits so exposing any flaws so that we can work towards something we all want and which will work.  We want people from all sectors of society to come up with their assessment of why things are failing and their ideas about how we can do better.

We believe that aged care policy is proceeding in the wrong direction and that wide public discussion into what needs to be done is urgently needed.  We are attempting to initiate that and will work with others doing so.  

The initiating proposal to start the debate will be the creation of community controlled aged care hubs in each locality.  The proposed 'hubs' would collect data on aged care performance, control and monitor aged care locally.  Instead of handling complaints and oversight itself, the Government would mentor and support the local 'hubs' to do this by working through them.  The hubs would then have the knowledge and the power needed to act as proxy customer for consumers and in doing so, empowering and supporting them. 

Please contribute

We invite you to contribute and debate aged care - not by complaining, but by coming up with solutions. Each contribution will be publicly available (unless confidentiality is requested) and comment on it will be encouraged.

We suggest that before you put forward your own views, to please examine Dr Michael Wynne's initial contribution in the Solving Aged Care section, as well as other contributions on the site so that you can comment on what others have said. Aged Care Crisis have opened the debate by publishing their first contribution.

All accepted contributions will be published where others can view, comment or debate your suggestions.

How to make a contribution

  1. Contributions: submit your contribution online in electronic format in either Microsoft Word or Open Office format (MAC or Windows platforms acceptable).
  2. Short comments:  you can fill out the 'Add A Comment' form at the base of relevant pages.

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