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“Oakden: A shameful chapter in South Australia’s history”

It has again emerged that neglect and abuse is systemic in the running of some aged care facilities in Australia. The publishing of the report, titled Oakden: A Shameful Chapter in South Australia's History, gives a damning insight into the treatment of the most vulnerable in our society. To make matters worse, this particular instance was in the duty of care of a government run facility. The ramifications politically will no doubt be extraordinary. But what about on the ground level, for those both providing and receiving care?

Dear Santa,

Mum has asked me to write to you this Christmas.  As you know from her past letters, she is still as bright as a button and proud of her house and garden.  She had a nasty fall and ended up in hospital so is now in a wheelchair.  We were told by the hospital to find a nursing home as quickly as we can because they need her bed - they even threatened her with an eviction notice.

This is in memory of "Mary". I am sorry I could not do much to help you. You and your family put your trust into this aged care facility. You were failed.

Introduction:  I would like to introduce you to an experienced Registered Nurse's (RN) account of working in a fully accredited and licensed Australian nursing home. With over twenty years of experience in nursing, including Emergency Departments of Australian hospitals, medical and surgical nursing, the RN also had qualifications in Training and as an Assessor.

The RN unfortunately, must remain anonymous until public and industry opinion takes a more charitable turn towards "feedback" and whistle-blowers. Let's call the RN "Peter". All real names and details have been changed to protect the author, whose name has been withheld and forgotten. This article illustrates one of the reasons why many good staff leave aged care. Names and some details have been changed to protect the author.

The following piece was written by an aged care worker with nursing home experience in the Australian aged care market. It illustrates the vast divide between reality and the marketing tactics used to sell these illusions to unsuspecting family members. For obvious reasons the real name of the author is withheld and forgotten.

This is a story about a 'David and Goliath' battle between a group of elderly people living in a retirement village who were in the main aged pensioners and against one of Australia’s largest companies.  It will never be a best seller because it does not have any romance, sex, or violence. 

The book is based on transcripts of hearings and decisions of the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal, submissions, summary and decision of the District Court and minutes of meetings and other records of the Retirement Village Residents Association and a retirement village associated with the case.

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