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1 Aged Care Crisis Review of Aged Care Advocacy Services: In September 2015 a review of the government’s advocacy service was carried out. Submissions are not going to be published and the final report may not be. This is unacceptable. ACC are opening the public debate about this advocacy service here. We invite everyone who knows anything about this service to tell us more about it by commenting or making a larger contribution. Lets debate and decide what we would actually like advocacy to be. 04/09/2015 Public
2 Christine: Continuity of care - from planned activity groups in community health, or other activities after entering residential care or nursing home 23/04/2016 Public
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1. Suggestion for change from a carers perspective.  2. Government is not going to save us. 3. A lack of staff-to-resident ratios is at the root of substandard care.  4. WA facility - poor care/staffing and complaint system.


#2 Michael D. Breen 2019-11-12 15:50
We are a small self elected group working to make our town Robertson an AgeFriendly community. We noticed our shire has no vision for our area and its future needs. We did some research and found that Aged Care ought be our priority. We looked at the World health Organization material and now we are running forums on the matters they cite; health, transport, inclusion, housing etc. As we continue there is a lot to be done in the areas of attitude change and managing myths about age. As well as myths about how much it will all cost, especially if we can wrangle the possible offerings of small amounts of volunteering. We, with some help, could become a hub offering advocacy, contact with those in need, sorting offers of volunteering, stats on needs and coordination of services etc. We could be a pilot group for rural areas which have different needs from city folk. We would be happy to share our results and what we have learned, warts and all to other rural areas and communities. What we offer is that we have started, we have good will, are a grassroots group and so far have cost the community nothing.
#1 Michael 2016-09-25 14:24
I think we need to go back roughly 100 years and see how the sector was financed and run in terms of organisations and to what extent government was involved.
Government is not going to save us or the elderly, they will only promise, debate and mainly tax to save themselves in the coming years. Just a fact and history repeating itself.
One must realise the world is in a stage of great change and Age care is not the only troubles within the system, the system being that of a socialism style since the great depression as government took a much larger responsibility of running society, we are now back to a spent and over sized bureaucracy that will confound any real solutions as they will threaten their very existence.
Other problems that will present themselves in the coming few years is that of superannuation /pensions crisis which is also not just confined to Australia. This is a global mess not only in Age care but all aspects of life which are now over seen by government.
I have worked in various healthcare /age care institutions and have only come across self interest within management, with the added pressure of listed companies/shareholders and very senior management(with 7 figure wages) of age care providers the outlook is very grim for any positive outcome.
Any personnel within the sector whom may point out possible solutions or other matters relating to improvements will most likely be met with reporting of non compliance, be it within organisation or by government.
We will see change but only after a crash and burn situation, then and only then will you see real solutions and change.